SWU students may attend overseas partner universities for one or two semesters (1 year), provided they meet the requirements including the completion of courses for at least 2 semesters. Based on the agreements for student exchange programs signed with foreign partners, SWU recognizes the units (credits) students earned at foreign partner universities.


- Students who have completed courses at SWU for at least 2 semesters

- GPA 3.0/4.5 minimum

- English proficiency (proved by internationally accepted English proficiency certification)

- Eligiable for overseas travels

Selection & Deployment Schedule

Language Notice & Application Interview & Selection Deployment
English Feb./Aug. Feb~Mar/ Aug~Sep Autumn semester/ Spring semester
French Mid Apr. Late Apr. Autumn semester
Chinese/German Early ~ Mid Mar. Mid ~ Late Mar. Autumn semester
Japan Mid Sep. Late Sep ~ Early Oct Spring semester
Others Random Random Random

* The schedule above is subject to change. Visit SWU’s and International Exchange Team’s homepages for the latest details.


As per the agreements with partner universities, the tuition fees students pay overseas partners are fully offset by scholarships, provided the eligiability for scholarship is met.