1. To acquire theories and skills required of experts in the clothing industry [knowledge];

2. To build up the well-rounded knowledge, responsibility and community spirit required of agents in the clothing industry [virtue];

3. To foster clothing industry experts equipped with theoretical backgrounds, creative senses and practical skills conducive to the development of the clothing industry which is heading towards internationalization, information and intellectualization [expertise].

About the Major

The Dept. of Fashion Design & Marketing aims to contribute to the rationalization and science of clothing life by producing skilled human resources prepared to lead the clothing industry towards globalization, gentirification and individuation.

Scientific knowledge including clothing materials, fabric experiments, solid construction and plane construction, western costume history, Korean costume history, fashion design, style drawing techniques, costumes and colors units help students to generate creative ideas and to develop their abilities to plan structural and artistic costumes. Also, students acquire basic techniques to make and design clothing fit for different materials and understand the activities in the ready-made clothing industry by learning the the theories and practical skills required in the fashion industry. Through the graduation exhinition, students understand the overall planning, production and sales processes in the clothing industry. Career paths include clothing designers, MD, coordinators and stylists or researchers in clothing studies via master’s and PhD courses.