What's Important is to Know How to Share with Others

For 50 years since its establishment, Seoul Women's University has carried out the Bahrom Character Education in one form or another. Offering the first residential college program in Korea, SWU plays a leading role in fostering well-rounded women leaders worthy of the 21st century.

The Bahrom philosophy is instilled in each student through the lifestyle in the community and the education program. Based on firm values, the program's goal is to train well-rounded leaders who are willing to lead by example, cooperate rather than compete, and put the community before their own self-interest.

Bahrom Character Education changed continuously through the years. At first it was a course to be completed over four years at one facility, but faced with the changing times and an increase in student numbers, SWU split the course into three stages. The content also changed. Volunteering at a farming village was mandatory until 1985, but since 1997 the universtiy replaced that with new programs to focus on environmential issues.

With the completion of the Bahrom Education Center in 1998, a more focused and systemic five-week program was implemented. Many different attempts were made until 2010 and the present three-stage Bahrom Character Education that focuses on education global leaders was standardized in 2011.

The boundaries between continents nations are crumbling and many fields and organizations are undergoing integrations and fusions. Many of modern society's problems can only be solved through joint efforts. The Bahrom Character Education is even more appreciated and valued now because it instills firm communal spirits in individuals.

The 21st century requires a new kind of leader and the Bahrom Character Education now has to produce leaders well-equipped to lead the society of the future. To train leaders who not only come up with sustainable modes of development but also implement them, Seoul Women's University requires all students to complete the three stages of the Bahrom Character Education as part of their degrees.

The Bahrom Character Education teaches students the joy of appreciating others and gives them a chance to develop new potentials. Through the program, students gain the confidence and commitment to actively plan their future. We believe the Bahrom Character Education is the reaseon our alumni settle so smoothly into society and the workplace.

Dr.Koh believed in the power of a strong, honest character willing to walk the talk. Her educational philosophy has seeped into every student on campus and flourishes in them even today.

Bahrom Education Ⅰ : Enlighten Myself

Students are given the opportunity to discover their identity and vision form the future, as well as grow and become part of the SWU community.

Bahrom Education Ⅱ : Enlighten the Society

Students learn how to communicate and be considerate through tasks that teach them how to converse, negotiate, and solve problems.

Bahrom Education Ⅲ : Enlighten the Futur

Based on what the students learned in the first two modules, now they focus on social issues on a global scale. Actively and creatively they learn how to approach these issues.