Cooperation Makes Much Bigger Wave

Students' voluntary participation in their study and professors' continuous self-enhancement and research make Seoul Women's University confident with full of pride. With our open education system and creative research environment, including active cooperation of affiliated institutes, professor-student joint programs, and advanced team-teaching system, Seoul Women's University is cultivating brilliant intellectuals. SWU is a place where professors and students value each other's intelligence with full of energy and wisdom.

Team-teaching System for Higher Quality Lecture

Team-teaching is a newly introduced teaching method where students are taught by a team of professors, thereby taking the greatest advantage of each professor's particular major. This provides students with better quality lectures. The number of lectures and participating professors is increasing every year.

Bahrom Discussion : Small Group Discussion Lecture

Bahrom Discussion is an advanced teaching method focused on discussion of small groups. It was established to improve the quality of education by the advanced teaching skill. The School opens 10-20 classes accommodating 10-15 students at each class every session to discuss a variety of topics.

Friendly Teacher-Student Companionship

The aim of the teacher-student joint program, organized in small groups or societies by majors or specific interests, is to deepen the relationship between professors and students. There are several teacher-student companion circles which activelycarry out activities ranging from academic research to leisure activities.

Research Institutes Actively Moving On

Professors and researches are working hard in their fields at related research institutes, such as Humanities Research Institute, Social Science Research Institute, Natural Science Research Institute, Computer Science Research Institute, Arts & Design Institute, Women's Studies Institute, and Student Guidance & Counseling Center. They establish theories through a wide range of research work in each field, find solutions to problems, and contribute to social development through their research papers, industry-university cooperation, and other activities.