Introduction of Faculty

College of Humanities

Social Welfare

Journalism & Public Relations

Social Work is about acting on principles. The study intends to solve social problems, come up with preventive measures and implement them in society. The primary objective of Social Works is to train professionals who will effectively practice social services. Students will familiarize themselves with the philosophy and ethics that are the backbone of social services by attending lectures and participating in student-oriented activities. They will also acquire the knowledge needed to establish and manage welfare and other social services for the Korean government and other social organizations. Social Work is what the students make it out to be. Students can make a difference in the division, instead of blindly following the directions offered by the professors. Many students of Social Work join volunteer group in which they volunteer their time and skills for various causes in and out of the university. Some students joined the drama club to raise interest in social issues and approach them from new angles. In and out of the classroom, students will be immersed in the study of social work and putting their learning into practice.

Professional opportunities

Students of Social Work receive the certificate of second-degree social worker when they graduate, once they have completed all the course requirements mandated by the Ministry of Health. Graduates are also eligible for taking a test to upgrade their certificate to the first degree. After upgrading the certificate and practicing more than a year at Ministry-designated locations, social workers will also be eligible to take the government-administered test for second-degree social worker in the mental health field. Students will also join public services as a specialist in social welfare and services, and get involved in the policymaking process of the social welfare system and supervise civic organizations for social services. In the private sector, students can work at hospitals and doctors' offices as a patient welfare officer. Students might also want to work at a mental health clinic, a psychiatric clinic, or the mental health section of a public-run clinic as a social worker for mental health.

Advice when considering this major

Social Work is open to anybody who has genuine interest in people and the society. We strongly encourage you to envision yourself enjoy working with other people as a team and learning from the experience in the areas of services. You should be ready to learn to understand yourself and to bring about changes in yourself, before you set out to help others.