Introduction of Faculty

College of Humanities


History is not only learning about the past. History is also about interpreting and understanding the lessons of the past, in ways to explain the direction we should take in the future. Studying history at Seoul Women's University promotes proper understanding of culture and helps to identify the implications of history for the reality we live in so that the collective members of society gain a sound historical understanding. The department provides students with the training that today's globalized society need. There are two types of student group in the department: one is the history tour group and the other are study clubs. The historical tour group organizes trips to historical sites to ensure that members experience historical reality first hand and take it to heart. The study clubs include Korean history, Chinese history and ancient history clubs. By joining a club, students will have an opportunity study in depth the field they are interested in.

Professional opportunities

Students will be well prepared for a wide range of jobs in journalism, publishing companies, politics or cultural organizations. With a broad spectrum of structured knowledge in history and cultures around the world, they will be comfortable in studying other subjects in liberal arts and social science as a double major and therefore have a good range of options in selecting a career. They can be a researcher in history after continuing their study in graduate school and work for both state-run and private institutions such as museums and research centers and history book publishers. They can also be eligible to be a teacher in secondary school after studying at the Graduate School of Education. In addition, training in history prepares them for private educational institutions, textbook or educational material publishers or publishers of general subject matters, tourism industry, as a tour guide and cultural industry, or as an event coordinator.

Advice when considering this major

People who look in the mirror will look at the reflection of themselves. If you think of others as a mirror, you can tell virtue and evil apart. If you regard history as a mirror, you will be waking up to the truth of the world.